NUTRILITE E MILAN LAB: Nutrizione e Sport

NUTRILITE E MILAN LAB: Nutrizione e Sport

From the academy to the first team of AC Milan, education on proper nutrition and food supplementation customized, as the basis for achieving more and better physical performance and sports, they are the focus of many years of scientific collaboration between NUTRILITE and MilanLab.

MILAN - The training of champions begins at the table and since young people are convinced NUTRILITE by Amway, number one in the world in the production of food supplements * based phytonutrients, and MilanLab, the interdisciplinary research center high technological Rossoneri. Since 2008 the two companies work side by side with the aim of promoting scientifically the importance of nutrition and nutritional supplementation to support sporting activities and as a key element for achieving a state of optimal health.

A unique collaboration in the world of sport that is based on the belief that the overall well-being of the person is the key to achieving high performance in the field and that a key role is played by food.

"A proper diet for athletes, especially in the professional, but also at amateur level, must include, in addition to the assumption of the best known macronutrients - carbohydrates, proteins and fats - a constant hydration and the correct intake of micronutrients: vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, compounds that give color and belong to the plant world, "says Albert Sweet, Head of Biochemistry MilanLab. "E 'has been proven as the phytonutrients are associated with multiple benefits, for example for their antioxidant properties; their intake through fruits and vegetables, must therefore be trained in quantity and variety of color from a young age. "

And this is precisely the type of training that sees NUTRILITE take the field, one of the pioneers in the field of phytochemical research, alongside MilanLab to power the sports talents of the Rossoneri. On the basis of thorough testing, including genetic testing and blood chemistry, and the compilation of a detailed questionnaire investigating the eating habits and lifestyle of each athlete, experts NUTRILITE MilanLab and define a plan of nutritional and dietary supplementation specific every player. The program, which after seven years of collaboration followed with satisfaction by 90% of the team, provides a comprehensive and continuous monitoring of the nutrient profiles and a constant fine-tuning to optimize sports performance and recovery times of the athletes involved.
Even before the board, therefore, the training starts from the shopping cart, which is why experts and NUTRILITE MilanLab collaborate with the kitchen staff at Milanello to the basic foods, as well as the most functional according to the latest research in the food sector , never be lacking in the dishes of the Rossoneri.

"Here at Milanello sensitivity to the issue dell'alimentarsi well has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to the collaboration with NUTRILITE" said Francesco Avaldi, Head of Nutrition MilanLab. "We are constantly working to introduce an increasingly broad spectrum of nutrients in the diet of our players, paying close attention to the results of scientific research in this field. Some examples are the pseudo cereals (rich in amino acids), beet (useful for muscle oxygenation), soft fruits (with important antioxidant properties) and almonds (for their high content of essential fatty) ".

Finally, the stronger the commitment of NUTRILITE and MilanLab in promoting among the talents of tomorrow's food culture. This is done through education programs specific involving all categories of youth with the aim of promoting among young champions a lifestyle made of healthy choices and informed: a major investment in their future and not just sports

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